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Lucas Oil Stadium opens as early voting location

Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 31, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — There have been ongoing efforts to cut down on wait times for early voting and Lucas Oil Stadium opened to get in on the action.

The stadium boasts the most polling machines in Marion County.

“This is my fifth attempt at voting so come hell or high water I’m voting today,” Rodney Woods said.

For some voters, this door opening means it's time to make the vote count.

“We figured this would be the one to try particularly once we found out they had like 56 machines so figured it would be quicker,” Bob Williams said.

Hoosiers tried the luck in line at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“We came here close to about 10 this morning and we've been inline 30, 40 minutes and it is moving quickly,” Ardrienne Thompson said.

WRTV has been reporting on the long lines at St. Luke's Methodist Church on the north side and the City-County Building Downtown. In some instances, voters say they stood in lines up to eight hours, but many are hoping more than 50 polling machines means that won't be the case at the newest polling location.

“However long it takes I am going to be here all day, I'm in line my presence matters," Thompson said. "I am ready to vote."

Though they are ready if voting does require that, for some voters, this is still the best option.

“I have to work during the week and I’m not sure what time I will be off," Thompson said. "I am a healthcare provider I knew I would be off the weekend so I’m here."

One voter even dressed up as a sloth to stand in line.

“It's Halloween got to celebrate somehow,” Zach Boutwell said.

The average wait time was about one hour Saturday.

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