Many voters making a plan, taking time off work to vote early

Long lines at early vote centers in Marion County continued on Wednesday
Voters Wednesday St. Luke
Posted at 5:46 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 19:54:20-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Early voting locations in central Indiana continue to see a record turnout day after day.

According to the Marion County Clerk’s Office, as of Tuesday night, at least 20% of registered voters had already cast their ballot.

On Wednesday, some people voting on the north side at St. Luke’s United Methodist of Church waited more than four hours.

“There are like 10 or 12 rows you know," Shannon Howard said. "It felt like we were at Kings Island for a minute the way the line wrapped around."

At one point, the estimated wait time was around six hours. Several people said they took the day off work in order to spend time voting.

“People need to do what they have to do, whatever is necessary to have their voices heard,” Len Preston said.

"I work nights, so I just came after I dropped my niece off at school,” Stephanie Record said.

“I basically just took the day off to get this done because it is something that has to be done today,” Howard said. “We’ve tried all week I came Saturday the line was all the way to 86th, Monday it was partial. Tuesday, weather. Today, go for broke.”

Others said working from home has allowed them the flexibility to spend time waiting in line to vote during the day.

Regardless of what they had to do to get there, most everyone that spoke with WRTV said the wait was worth every minute.

"It's the only time where I feel like I am equal from everybody. When I vote… you don’t have to be poor, rich, nothing. You just go in and vote,” Derek Beausejour said.

WRTV reached out to the Marion County Clerk’s Office to ask if it planned to offer extended hours at the satellite early vote centers, but they said in order to do that they would need a unanimous vote from all three board members.