Thousands of ballots still being processed in Marion County Wednesday

Will likely be Thursday before they are complete
Wednesday counting ballots
Posted at 9:14 PM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 21:20:27-05

More than 200,000 people in Marion County voted absentee and processing all of those ballots is no easy task.

On Wednesday, counting was still underway, and crews were working long hours to make sure your vote counts.

“You're at the polls and you're standing behind people, but it's like all that translate to this right here,” said Debbie Mickle as she helped process absentee ballots from people who voted before Election Day.

"It is emotionally overwhelming to know that we're touching ballots that people put their time into,” said Judy Champa as she processed ballots across the table from Mickle.

Champa said she has always tried to be involved in the election process, no matter what the role.

“I've been in inspector. I've been in charge. I've cleaned the toilets, I've done everything.”

Mickle worked the primary election, but this is her first time working the general election.

The background and views between counters on Wednesday may all be different, but a sense of pride and civic duty is what’s bringing them together.

“I wanted to feel like I was a part of the process and to even show my kids and my nieces and nephews that their one vote does count. When us old folks are telling you, get out there and vote, it's real. This really does count,” said Mickle.

All of the counters we spoke with said they hope their work makes a difference.

“For some of them it's a paycheck, for some of them they are volunteers. It doesn't matter because we are all sitting in this room. It doesn't matter how we got here, doesn’t matter how we voted or how we feel. We are all here, united we stand,” said Chapma.

Leaders with the Marion County Clerk’s Office said it will likely be Thursday before all of the ballots are processed and counted.