Libertarian VP candidate makes stop in Indianapolis

Party hopes to impact November races
Posted at 11:48 PM, Oct 20, 2020

(Editor's note: A full interview with Spike Cohen is included as part of this report)

INDIANAPOLIS — Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen made a stop in Indianapolis Tuesday night. He was in town hosting a debate watch party for the gubernatorial race, supporting Donald Rainwater. Being on a gubernatorial debate stage is a big moment for Libertarians.

"As the American people become increasingly frustrated with the Republicans and Democrats and have seen what they've done with their exclusive control with every lever of power of control for the last 160 years, they're increasingly looking for other options," Spike Cohen said.

Cohen tells WRTV, Libertarians are not just another third party or a different set of politicians, but rather a different way of looking at home government interacts with people.

"We believe that people do best when they're the most free," Cohen said. "The American people increasingly realize that is the case, that we need to be more free and our lack of freedom is why we're in the mess we're in."

Both major parties have warned a vote for a Libertarian could split the vote and cause their candidate, Trump or Biden, to lose. That's their plan according to Cohen.

"We have a very devious plan to take votes from Joe Biden and Donald Trump, thereby causing them to both lose and causing us to win," Cohen said.

While the chances of a Libertarian presidential win are slim, Cohen says it's a long game plan to give Americans more than two choices when it comes to their political affiliation.

"However well we do, we'll do better than we've ever done before. That's been true for several election cycles. The Libertarian Party does better for each cycle both at the presidential level and down ballot races," Cohen said. "We're seeing it now with the fact that Donald Rainwater is increasingly likely to be the next Governor of Indiana, the first Libertarian governor."