Non-partisan group working to make voting easier

Posted at 1:20 AM, Sep 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 01:20:04-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Record voter turnout is expected in November. Time is running out to make sure you'll be able to cast your ballot. Go Vote Indy, a non-partisan organization, is working to make registration easier for everyone.

"I think right now where people are demanding change in so many levels, there's no better direct way to do that than to be registered to vote," Justin Floyd, one of the Go Vote Indy founders, said.

Floyd, along with Aimee Culver and Lindsay Bledsoe founded Go Vote Indy after meeting during social justice rallies over the summer. Since then, they've held numerous events, registering nearly 1,000 people.


"Everybody's working and voting together, that has a lot of power. That has a lot of power to make huge change happen," Bledsoe said. "When you say or when you hear your voice matters or your vote matters, it's absolutely 100% true."

"No matter who you would vote for in this general election, everyone should have the same opportunities, equal opportunities to cast their ballot on election day," Culver said.

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Go Vote Indy is a holding a voter registration event that coincides with National Voter Registration Day. Along with registering to vote, you'll be able to meet all three of the founders, ask whatever questions you have, and even sign up to volunteer.

"We just basically want to celebrate our right to vote and bring the community together," Floyd said.

Once voter registration closes Oct. 5, the focus turns to educating voters and making sure barriers that were in place for the primary election in Marion County don't keep people from casting their vote in the general election.

"People were waiting in line for hours at a time, up to three hours. Some people were turned away, others had to go back to work, they didn't have ample child care to be able to stand in line to cast their vote," Culver said.

"Considering what happened during the primaries, vote early. We're all going to do it. We're giving free rides during early voting, as well as election day," Bledsoe.

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