Republicans invoke Susan B. Anthony at RNC despite her museum rejecting Trump pardon

Republicans invoke Susan B. Anthony at RNC despite her museum rejecting Trump pardon
Posted at 9:47 PM, Aug 26, 2020

Night Three of the Republican National Convention featured a number of mentions of the women’s suffrage movement and its historic leader Susan B. Anthony.

The GOP played a video montage featuring Anthony. Moments later, second lady Karen Pence mentioned Anthony, saying that women fought hard for the right to vote, and they should vote for Donald Trump.

“100 years ago today, the 19th amendment was adopted into the United States Constitution, guaranteeing women the right to vote. Because of heroes like Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stone women today, like our daughters, Audrey and Charlotte, and future generations will have their voices heard and their votes count,” Pence said.

Last week, President Donald Trump issued a post humorous pardon to Anthony.

The pardon was rejected by the Susan B. Anthony Museum.

The museum’s CEO, Deborah L. Hughes, said in a statement that the best way to honor Anthony is to restore provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

“If one wants to honor Susan B. Anthony today, a clear stance against any form of voter suppression would be welcome. Enforcement and expansion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 would be celebrated, we must assure that states respect the 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments to the United States Constitution,” Hughes said. “Support for the Equal Rights Amendment would be well received. Advocacy for human rights for all would be splendid. Anthony was also a strong proponent of sex education, fair labor practices, excellent public education, equal pay for equal work, and elimination of all forms of discrimination.”