Trump, Biden return to campaign trail after holding competing town hall events

Trump, Biden return to campaign trail after holding competing town hall events
Posted at 12:43 PM, Oct 16, 2020

A day after President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took part in dueling town hall events on Tuesday, both will hit the campaign trail Friday as they enter the 2020 presidential race's final stretch.

Trump held several political events on Friday. He was at an event for seniors in Ft. Myers and held campaign rallies in Ocala, Florida and Macon, Georgia.

Biden campaigned in Michigan on Friday, where he gave remarks on affordable healthcare and attended a drive-in voter mobilization event.

Watch Biden's speech below:

Both Trump and Biden held their own town hall events Thursday — the day in which both were originally scheduled to participate in the second presidential debate.

After Trump contracted COVID-19 earlier this month, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the second debate, a town hall, would take place virtually. Trump subsequently said he would not participate, and the debate was later canceled.

Upon learning that Trump would not participate in a virtual debate, the Biden campaign reached an agreement with ABC News to hold its own town hall. The Trump campaign then struck a deal with NBC News on Wednesday to hold its own town hall event at the same time.

In his town hall event, Trump often sparred with moderator Savannah Gutherie. At one point, Trump refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy — whose followers have been linked to violent acts in the past.

Trump repeatedly said he "didn't know" about the conspiracy theory, despite saying he "appreciates" the support its followers give him earlier this summer.

During his event, Biden said he's "not a fan" but chose not to rule out "packing" the Supreme Court — the Constitutional but precedent-breaking act of adding more justices to the high court to balance the high court's political influence.

"I'm open to considering what happens from that point on (Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation vote)," Biden said.