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Former CPR trainer has life saved by workers he trained

Posted at 9:40 AM, Jul 11, 2014

A man who had a heart attack at a local golf course was saved by people he trained in CPR years ago.

Bob Marlin was playing golf with his brother, Bill, at Denver's Meadows Golf Club in May when he suffered a massive heart attack, according to West Metro Fire.

Bill started CPR and yelled for help.

West Metro Fire said Tom Woodard, the head pro at Meadows Golf Club, raced to the tee box with the AED while the starter called 911.

Four Jefferson County sheriff's deputies arrived and helped shock Bob four times before he was taken by paramedics to the hospital.

Marlin survived and returned this week to thank the golf course employees for saving his life.

Marlin is a former employee of West Metro Fire Rescue. Ironically, when he worked there, he trained paramedics on how to respond to such incidents. He also trained the the golf course staff who saved his life, officials said.

Marlin says he's feeling good, but he's a bit upset that the last shot he took before his heart attack was short.

"While I was a little disappointed, it shouldn't have killed me," Marlin joked about the shot.