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'Christmas Angels' spread holiday cheer to senior citizens

Posted at 11:29 PM, Dec 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-07 23:29:35-05

GREENWOOD — Christmas is a special time of the year, bringing lots of cheer to so many. For the second year, Christmas Angels are accomplishing their cheerful mission to lighten smiles on some seniors' faces.

Wednesday evening, Christmas Angels took over two seniors' homes to decorate for the holidays.

“I got to my friends. Yeah, they're coming here now," said Bob Handlon, 86.

"All I can say is God's hands are all over it. I would never in a million years have dreamt this up a year ago," said Tracy Bohler with Christmas Angels.

Last year, Bohler had a customer come into her store in Franklin. The woman shared that she was battling breast cancer.

"A few weeks later, she called and asked if she and her husband could take pictures in front of our aluminum Christmas tree for their Christmas cards because that was going to be her last Christmas," Bohler said.

The woman's story and request inspired her to do more for people this time of the year.

"That's when Christmas Angels started," Bohler said. "We had volunteers come out of nowhere. People I didn't even know contacted me. They started donating gifts and Christmas decorations for her. We went to her house and decorated for her. We had a photographer come and take professional photos for her and her husband."

A new tradition landed Bob and Mary Stephens a visit tonight and the making of new memories.

"My favorite Christmas memory: 1946, I was 10 years old. I had a big tree, and Santy came to see us," Handlon said.

"I don't really have good memories for Christmas," Stephens said. "Well, when my kids were little is probably the best."

"Last year, my grandma died. That hit my heart. So, I kind of get to be an adopted granddaughter," said Bohler.

Both Bob and Mary Stephens said that thanks to "Christmas Angels," their Christmas is set.

Bohler hopes next year they can add two more seniors to the Christmas tradition.