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Employees find $7K in coat pocket at Plato's Closet in Valparaiso

And gave it back
Posted at 8:46 AM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 08:49:50-04

VALPARAISO — A pair of Valparaiso employees proving that there's still good in the world.

A worker at Plato's Closet found $7,000 while checking a jacket that had just been dropped off.

The employees put the money in the safe, then reached out to the jacket's owner — and returned the money.

"It just scared me. It made me nervous," Jennifer Kimes, Plato's Closet employee, said. "I mean, you know, everybody wants to hold a wad of cash, but it wasn't mine, so I didn't get too excited about it."

The man says he hid the money but forgot where.

Remember, it always pays to double-check your pockets!