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IU Football star and student says he has many titles, but most important title is 'dad'

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-14 18:22:11-04

BLOOMINGTON — Ahead of Father's Day this Sunday, RTV6 found the perfect local story for 'Good News Friday.'

Indiana University Football wide receiver, Donavan Hale, is known for his accomplishments on the field and in the classroom on the Bloomington campus, but he says his most notable achievement is being his son, Weston's, father.

Hale was named 'Most Outstanding Offensive Player' this spring and received an Honorable Mention in All-Big Ten last season. Balancing his coursework as a Liberal Studies major and commitment as a college athlete is demanding enough, but Donavan says his most important title is 'dad.'

He says the understanding and help from his family helps him balance everything out.

"I have a great support system in my family and Weston's mother's family. Weston's mother helps out a lot. She understands my schedule," Hale said. "We work together and figure everything out because she's [Hale's girlfriend] still in school and she's still working."

Hale says being a dad has changed his life and that he loves being there every step of the way for his son.

"I had to become more responsible. That's pretty much it," Hale said. "The basic father figure."

Weston turns two-years-old later this month, and during this off-season, he has become Hale's workout buddy and biggest motivation.

Be sure to look for Hale on the field this coming fall and little Weston cheering on his dad from the stands at memorial stadium.