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IUPUI student's art uplifts hospital frontline workers

'Every time you see it, it gives you just a little bit more to keep going.'
William Minion
Posted at 7:01 PM, Oct 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-15 20:45:32-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A local college student is offering a small token of support for healthcare workers in his unique way.

William Minion works part-time on the Environmental Services team at IU Health University Hospital.

“I do anything from cleaning, delivering needle boxes, transferring beds,” Minion said.

He juggles work with classes at IUPUI studying paramedicine, but his passion is art. Minion said he started drawing when he was little. Both his mom and grandmother serve as influences.

“My grandmother being artistic, always sending art supplies,” Minion said.

Minion’s passion is now on full display across from the hospital’s O.R.

“When I look at a piece I did, I am just glad I can get an idea I had in my head onto the whiteboard,” Minion said.

Earlier this summer, Minion said while working one weekend he decided to take to the whiteboards and start drawing. It wasn't long before he had a fan base among his team members across the hospital.

The doctors, nurses, and really, anyone who walks by either leaves a note or shares their gratitude with the budding artist. His art brightens their days — something much needed over the last year and a half.

“Sometimes I might not feel like drawing something, but seeing the response people have makes me just want to put something up,” Minion said.

It is a response he never thought would go viral...until it did.

“When I felt all of the inspiration and appreciation for it [the drawing], I knew that other people would appreciate it, too. So, the thought I had was people need to see this,” Dr. Meghan Lark said. The first-year general surgery resident tweeted a photo of Minion’s drawing of an elephant earlier this month.

Lark’s tweet garnered some 90,000 impressions. The resident said she is not surprised Minion’s artwork resonated with thousands.

“It gives you like a little nudge of, ‘Alright you got this, you can do this.’ Like, look at what this amazing person did with just a whiteboard marker!” Minion said.

As for what is next in the whiteboard art series, Minion said he is taking requests.

“[A] giraffe and lion right now are the most requested,” Minion said.

The 20-year-old has received no formal training and plans to continue working at the hospital and sharing his love of art there while getting his degree.