Good Samaritan TV-news viewer helps sustain school photo ritual in Colorado

Posted at 9:50 AM, Oct 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-23 04:58:09-04

A good-Samaritan TV-news viewer is helping a pre-teen keep his school photo tradition alive.

Twelve-year-old Joe Archibold, of Longmont, Colorado, has been taking his school photo in the same polo shirt for five years.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Joe wore the shirt for second grade pictures. Then he forgot and wore it again on third grade picture day.

When he realized he wore it two years in a row, Joe told the newspaper he decided to keep doing it.

When he outgrew the small shirt, he wore a medium, both hand-me-downs from a cousin.

"It's still in really good condition," Joe told the newspaper. "It's just a really nice shirt."

However, the medium is getting tight and he needs a larger size for next year's 7th grade photo.

Joe's story was published in the Daily Camera, then RTV6 sister station When 7NEWS put the story on its Facebook page, a viewer went looking in her son's closet and found the same shirt in extra large.

'He dislikes polo shirts and has never worn this one," Angela Diodati-Houchin told 7NEWS.

Diodati-Houchin said she is glad the shirt is going to be worn.