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Career Coach: A mistake in your past doesn't have to ruin your chances of finding a career

Posted at 7:41 AM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 08:41:11-04

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INDIANAPOLIS — Have you made a mistake in your past that affects your ability to pass a background check?

Criminal backgrounds do in fact create limitations, but it is possible to find a job with a conviction.

You may have to develop a new plan or skill set that will not reject your past record. First, you want to look up your record and seek legal counsel about having your record expunged. Next, you may have to identify your skills and create a new skill set or education that will target careers that will not hold your record against you.

Next, you want to take it advantage of community resources organizations like WorkOne, Hire Reentry, Pace Indy, Indy Helpers, and several other online sites have a wealth of information to help people with criminal backgrounds.

Consider going back to school if you don’t have your high school diploma. Come to your local adult education program and get signed up for that. Once you’re signed up with those programs you may be eligible for a free certification. You also want to consider post secondary options such as apprenticeships, college, and, universities. You always want to keep practicing your professionalism. Print a professional resume, cover letter, good referrals, and practice interviewing and dressing appropriately. Next, you want to start your job search. Network with your friends and family. Seek out those smaller companies that have less restrictions and hiring requirements. Check out the job search websites and consider staffing companies.

If the background question comes up it’s best to take responsibility for your conviction show regret and give examples on how you’ve redeemed yourself with your new acquired skills and abilities. Just like any other job search prepare, practice, be persistent, and prove yourself once on the job

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