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Classroom To Career: Idea Farm fertilizing growth and new ideas at Westfield High School

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Posted at 8:20 AM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 09:35:11-05

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WESTFIELD — At Westfield High School a unique program is growing the newest crop of workers as they prepare for the real world.

In the Idea Farm the opportunities to create something new are endless.

But it's not just about creating new things the idea farm gives students the chance to create new goals and find new paths.

The idea farm is a maker’s space where they can come for a creative outlet.

Students have access to vinyl printers, software, sewing machines and other technology to fertilize growth and new ideas.

"I came here without really knowing what a 3-d printer is and now i have one in my basement and I'm 3-d printing things that I'm selling,” said John Warns, a senior at Westfield High School.

A venture Warns didn't even know was an option before coming here and now it’s part of his future. Warns is heading to Purdue University next year to study engineering and technology.

"This is what i needed as a student and i know there are students who need spaces like this," said Innovative specialist Joel Bruns.

He started the Idea Farm as a creative outlet for students but also a training ground for the ever changing workforce.

"You are asked to be much more of a generalist in the workforce. You are asked to be creative in almost every field,” said Bruns, "we need to equip people who are ready for a workforce that is going to ask them to solve problems, to be creative, to use technology."

Warns feels like the Idea Farm cultivated a new path for him and he believes every high school should give students a place like this.

"When you are given the opportunity to learn how to use power tools or learn how to sew or learn how to use adobe illustrator it really makes the possibilities endless. Because having these little life skills can be so important in the workforce and just daily life,” said Warns.

Bruns said they are always looking for community partners to collaborate with even if it's something as crazy as a smart mirror. For more information on the Idea Farm click here.

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