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Educational tools for Latino students to find success

Classroom to Career
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Posted at 7:07 AM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 17:07:16-04

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INDIANAPOLIS — A local non-profit's goal to get more Latino students to graduate high school and further their education in Indiana is off to a successful start.

The Indiana Latino Institute works with students for free to figure out exactly what their needs are and what barriers they may be facing as they focus on their strengths.

The program helps students through the financial aid process, provides scholarship opportunities and helps students with their resume building skills.

The institute also has employment exploration where college students can go through their resumes with staff members to make sure they're prepared and know what to talk about with their future employers.

After conducting a survey, the institute found that 52 percent of Latinos, sometimes, rarely or never feel they have resources available for their higher education. Because of that information, staff members at ILI want to start talking with students earlier, while they're in high school, so they will know more support is available for them.

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