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Employees gain education at Ivy Tech while moving up in company

Hiring Hoosiers — Removing Barriers
Posted at 8:52 AM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 08:52:28-05

NOBLESVILLE — In a tight labor market, companies are looking within their own companies. No one can be overlooked, but those who are talented and show an interest in moving up are being sent to school while receiving a paycheck.

Shane Grogg's employer is paying him to attend classes at Ivy Tech Noblesville to get new skills to use on the job.

"The goal for me is to be able to move forward in the company," Grogg told RTV6.

Shane, and other classmates from different companies, are in the lab every Tuesday and Thursday learning motor and motors controls.

Mastering this class means being able to handle the machinery and related issues that may pop up in any business dependent on robotics or an assembly line.

"Ability to troubleshoot on our own, without having to call maintenance or repair tech," Grogg said.

The class Grogg is in is one of five required to earn them an Interdisciplinary Industrial Workforce certificate.

The course work, with the input of area employers who are seeking specific skills, allow the employees to grow and remain competitive.

"All the students that come here are really focused on expanding horizons and growing to be able to add value to their companies," Max Reynal, the instructor of Industrial Automation at Ivy Tech, said.

Grogg has been at his current job for about five years. He used to be a chef, and now he's looking at plenty of opportunities with skills he believes will serve him well.

"A lot of people stay with jobs they are unhappy with because they feel like they have to," Grogg said. "You can remain unhappy, or you can choose to be happy. Move forward if you want to do it, do it."

Employees can earn their workforce certificate after receiving 18 credit hours, including basic electric motor controls and automation.

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