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Hiring Hoosiers: Ball State architecture class gets students into the community

Posted at 6:42 AM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 13:57:41-04

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MUNCIE — Ball State University Architecture students are working with Minnetrista to make tangible things the area needs. But this class goes beyond benches and is teaching these students to create and maintain community partnerships.

In an 88,000-square foot building nestled in the middle of downtown Muncie, these Ball State students are hard at work.

"The studio is entirely student-driven," professor Kevin Klinger said.

Students who are working towards their masters in architecture are getting a first-hand experience in creating.

But creating is already a passion for these students. The main takeaway for them is learning to build community relationships.

"It's really taught us how to interact with the different community partners because we are working with Midwest Metals and other professionals," Olivia Zepp said.

She said this class is preparing her for her future career.

"Working with all the moving parts and the different people, I'll have to be contacting and having the professional manner that you don't learn in the classroom," Zepp said.

They are partnered with Madjax, the makers space they work in, along with Minnetrista, Midwest Metals and the Indiana Hardwood and Lumberman Association.

"Having all of these different materials accessible to us, plus this machine shop that we have here, allows us to explore things not just in the computer and paper and not in a theoretical fashion like we would in most classes, but we've been able to go hands on as well," Al Mitchell, a student, said.

Klinger said they are always looking to work with more local businesses either by helping them solve a problem they are having or if someone has textiles they think the students can use. You can reach out to him at

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