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Running goat farms teaches students about the agriculture industry

Classroom to Career
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Posted at 7:56 AM, Aug 26, 2019

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SPENCER — Students at Owen Valley High School are learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to agriculture and they're able to make a sound decision on whether or not it's something they're interested in for a career once they graduate.

The program started just over 10 years ago when the school bought a few goats and equipment and then eventually a big barn for the program.

The students spend each day tending to the Boer Goats. They're also responsible for the goats over the weekends, holidays and even on summer break. And they're charge of breeding the goats and being there for the births.

Eventually, the goats will be taken to the market.

Program instructors say students get a combination of experience in tending for the animals and what working in agriculture is like and the business side of things.

"Besides production, they learn the economics of keeping animals. They learn how to feed and care for animals and they're basically out here in total control of a farm operation," Instructor David Schenck said.

The program gives students a chance to see if they want to be in the agriculture industry, livestock or even veterinary medicine.