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Hiring Hoosiers: Bowen Center hiring for around 100 positions

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Posted at 9:29 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 21:29:07-04

It takes a passionate person to want to help others.

That is the mission at the Bowen Center, the state's largest community mental health center, that serves 27 counties.

Dr. Siquilla Liebetrau is the center's clinical director, but she also does therapy and psychological testing for all ages. She shared what she's seeing right now during the pandemic.

"For adults there is certainly a lot of anxiety and depression for some folks that maybe have existing trauma history," Liebetrau said.

The Bowen Center provides services to help with your emotional well-being. Right now it's all remote, everything from therapy to medication management or just everyday life skills.

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"We do whatever we need to do to help you function better to help you feel better," Liebetrau said.

The Bowen Center is hiring for about 100 positions including skills coaches. These are employees with bachelor's degrees who are out in the community working with children or adults and helping with life skills.

"That can be anywhere from helping someone figure out a budget which right now a lot of people are out of work and being financially impacted," Liebetrau said.

Applying at Bowen Center and getting a job is easy right now. Applicants never have to leave their home. They can complete the entire process virtually.

"I know I've had a lot of people reach out to me and say, 'I've never had issues with depression and anxiety, this type of stress I am experiencing right now' and that's what we're here for is to help people navigate through those feelings and we're also taking on new patients as well," Mary Gerard, vice president of human resources for the Bowen Center, said.

The center has 10 physical locations but offers remote services in 27 counties. They are also looking to hire nurses, therapists and IT technicians.

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