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Hiring Hoosiers: Massage Heights looking to hire massage therapists and lifestyle consultants

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Posted at 4:30 AM, Apr 06, 2021
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FISHERS — Nearly a year ago when the shutdown began many small businesses didn’t know what was next for them, but many of them persevered and are thriving now, a year later.

Whether it's stress relief for muscle relaxation or just an hour to yourself, massage therapists have been busy over the last year making it possible for "Massage Heights" in Fishers to retain all of its employees and even higher on more.

“It’s definitely been different that’s, I think, a really good way to put it to navigate a pandemic,” said Cristina Goebel, “we have really come out stronger because of it.”

She owns three Massage Heights locations in central Indiana.

She told me through hard work and good communication they were able to retain all of their employees once they reopened thanks to being granted the Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan from the federal government.

“We were able to keep our managers on throughout the pandemic,” said Goebel. “And then we did have to furlough the rest of our staff the great news was that once we reopened, we were able to bring back the entire staff and we increased our staff as well.”

Goebel said they hired more staff to keep up with the demand and to help with extra sanitizing practices and they are looking to hire more massage therapists and lifestyle consultants right now.

“We’re booming, we're growing, and we're seeing a huge uptick like I said, and guests are wanting to come in so we are definitely hiring. We need definitely more massage therapists first and foremost who would be able to meet that demand that is out there in that we're seeing,” said Goebel.

You can find information on these positions available right now by heading to the Massage Heights hiring page.

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