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Hiring Hoosiers: Mental health non-profit has more than 100 job openings

Majority of positions for skills coaches
Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 06, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — The Bowen Center is hiring. The community mental health non-profit has about 115 job openings in northern and central Indiana. The majority of the positions are in skill coaching.

If you're not familiar with Bowen, it has been around for 60-years as a community mental health center in 27 Indiana counties.

What are the jobs all about? "Skills Coaches and Skills Technicians (Case Managers) help patients live successful lives by providing training and support,” said Cheryl Shepherd, Bowen Center Director of Human Resources. “That may mean helping a child focus in the classroom or manage emotions, working in the community with a teen to help increase their self-esteem and social skills, or helping adults at home with parenting skills, independent living skills, and linking them to housing, employment, transportation and insurance options."

"In short, Skills Coaches help patients live their best lives,” said Shepherd.

According to the Bowen Center, Skills Coaches receive continuous in-depth, position-specific training when hired and are paired with mentors to help build on that training. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision, with vacation time, tuition reimbursement, university tuition discounts, a student loan pay down plan, along with recreation and entertainment discounts.

Bowen Center is looking for people with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in any field of study, or 60+ college credit hours. Those without college experience need five years work experience in a direct mental health setting.

“We are fortunate to be able to offer a career path to individuals who have the passion for our type of work, those who really want to help others,” said Mary Gerard, Bowen Center Vice President of Human Resources. “The less restrictive educational requirements allow us to be more intentional about who we select for these positions. Then we invest in them and watch them change people’s lives,” said Ms. Gerard.

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