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Hiring Hoosiers: Showing appreciation for sanitation workers during pandemic

Posted at 9:47 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-11 23:15:35-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Sanitation workers are still rolling up their sleeves and making sure trash is collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ben Easley, a spokesperson for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works, says basic sanitation is one of the things keeping the city going.

"Our life scientists and our healthcare workers deserve so much appreciation and we want some love for our solid waster workers as well, Easley said. "They are keeping it as business as usual as possible for the rest of us."

Easley says it makes a huge difference to be able to maintain some normalcy during the pandemic.

"We are so proud and so supportive of them as they continue to go to work every single day," Easley said. "Often the first people awake and up and reporting to their routes in the morning. They are working fast and working hard to get their routes done."

My father, Troy Washington, has been in the business for 39 years.

"It hasn't stopped trash pickup or nothing, just never seen anything like this people can't be around each other," Washington said.

He says the closest experience he has had to this would be working after a natural disaster.

Washington says people are still happy to see them coming.

"Waving and saying they appreciate us they are like they are glad to see us," Washington said.

Indy DPW is encouraging people to support workers by putting small signs out or writing messages on the trash cart with chalk.

You can also share your message of support on social media and use the hashtag #IndyDPWHeroes.

There is an open position for a solid waste truck driver in Marion County. To learn more, click here.

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