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Hoosier man uses downtime to prepare for next opportunity after losing job during pandemic

Posted at 11:11 AM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 11:14:23-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Chris Hayes lost his job last summer during the pandemic, like many people working in different industries across the United States.

“It has been really demeaning for someone who has gone off and done all that you’re supposed to do to be professional. I have my MBA; I am a college graduate. I’ve got all the certifications a person can choke a horse with for an IT person and I’m being ghosted by organizations,” said Hayes.

The IT project manager says it was unexpected. According to him, his team was working overtime to complete a project for his employer that would equip his co-workers for working from home. Once the team finished getting everyone prepared, they found themselves looking for a new job.

“Got the project done on time and a week later we were let go,” said Hayes.

He took some time to think to reflect and spend time with his family.

Since before the layoff, he was pushing the clock overtime.

“I’ve been pushed into questioning my career choices. I think that is disappointing because I love the intersection of it and business,” said Hayes.

While waiting for his next opportunity Hayes started preparing for his next opportunity.

“I turned around and renewed the profession certificates, gained three more. I bolstered up and added to the skills I have,” said Hayes.

Hayes reached out to WRTV to update us on his job search. He’s set to start a new job, and tells WRTV he is excited about the challenges the new opportunity will bring. Hayes says his new employer appreciated his attitude and approach to preparing for his next job after being laid off.

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