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How Chuy's keeps workers in a competitive restaurant industry

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 05, 2019
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NOBLESVILLE — Keeping employees in the highly competitive restaurant industry can be a challenge.

One Tex-Mex chain has managed to retain employees for years thanks to a family culture that keeps people around.

“I’ve worked for a few different restaurants, I’ve worked a couple of different concepts, some not so successful but they never — none of them really ever had the same feel," Chyanne Lopez said.

Lopez is referring to the feel of Tex-Mex chain Chuy’s. She started at their Clarksville location, then transferred to Noblesville all while being promoted along the way.

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“Chuy’s has a real big emphasis on teamwork, and family, and community,” Lopez said. “A lot of restaurants don’t have that same focus. It’s just a focus on business and guests, and the bottom line. It’s kind of all one big package here.”

The focus on family especially has been one reason Lopez has stayed at Chuy’s.

“I am a single parent, it’s been difficult but being at Chuy’s has really helped," Lopez said. "They’re really flexible about my schedule and you know, whatever I need, they’re willing to kind of accommodate that if I need to be gone by a certain time, that’s no problem.”

General Manager Russell Burns says they know the importance of being able to take care of your family.

“I’ve got servers that are full-time, and this is their career," Burns said. "They take care of their families, they make over $1,000 a week plus, sometimes. So it can be done. You can certainly take care of family, and bills, and all the things that are important.”

Burns said if employees are happy at home, they’ll feel good at work and have pride in their career. That’s why Lopez says she can’t envision herself anywhere else but Chuy’s.

“Whether my role evolves again or what, it’s not in my five-year plan to leave Chuy’s,” Lopez said.

Chuy’s is opening a new location in Carmel in the coming weeks, and they want you to be a part of their family.

They need to hire more than 100 employees, ranging from servers, bartenders, cooks, and more.

Full-time employees are eligible for benefits.

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