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How to start a job search and the mistakes to avoid

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 25, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — The job hiring process can be stressful, especially figuring out where to begin.

So as you start, career experts have some advice.

Experts say have your resume ready, make sure your social media accounts won’t scare off employers and then think what types of things you would enjoy doing.

“A lot of people who go into jobs, they take a job because it looks good, but they may not even be interested in it and then transition out later,” Kirk Bixler, director of career development at Franklin College, said.

Finding a job you will enjoy can also include identifying the skill set you already have. That can even be identifying the skill set you already have and tasks you may already do and like.

“It’s what you get lost in the moment in, time passes and you don’t think about it. You’re enjoying what you are doing whether that is analyzing things, writing code or just talking to people,” Jill Novotny, director of professional development at Franklin College said.

RTV6 anchor Marc Mullins has seen how finding an interest he had as a kid led him to a job he loves.

“Reading was something a long time ago that was of interest to me and has proven to be a skilled asset today,” Mullins said.

Here are the tips our career experts gave to get your job search started:

  • Don’t apply for just any job, make sure it’s one you will enjoy
  • Be ready to be resilient because the job market is tight
  • Be persistent and follow up after applying
  • Don’t just click apply online, find a name and try to connect with the hiring manager directly
  • Network and try to find someone you know at the company where you are applying and see if they can help get you in the door.

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