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Indianapolis City-County Government needs dozens of new workers

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Posted at 5:27 AM, May 17, 2019

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis City-County government is looking for dozens of people to work - from those making their way through high school - to others who have obtained a master's degree or completed law school.

At the City-County Building, in the Office of Audit and Performance, Kris Kirchner is learning the ropes as a new auditor.

"This is my fourth week, so it's still a lot of learning," he says.
Kirchner is making a career change with this new position. His office focuses on examining policies, procedures, and internal controls in other City-County agencies and makes sure the protocol is followed.

"Yeah, I'm definitely happy with the change," he says.

Meantime, on the streets of Indy, you'll find Jawon Jones behind the wheel of a street sweeper truck.

He's a heavy equipment tech, working in the city's Department of Public Works.

Jones was hired a couple of months ago.

The new job brought not only a pay boost for Jones but also a sense of ownership.

"I love it. I love it," Jones shared, "I was born and raised here, so it gives me great pride to kind of clean up the city that I was raised in."

Kris Kirchner and Jawon Jones have never met.

One wears a tie to work.

One needs a commercial driver's license.

They're both, however, are new hires for the Indianapolis City-County government.

Kirchner, who worked at a bank previously, says he's always been interested in working in government and the public sector. He says, "It just seems like something that is more fulfilling to me personally."

For Jones, he left his job as a school bus driver.
He says, "I was driving a school bus, trying to make ends meet. Looked online, I [saw] this job came open. It was a great opportunity."

The City-County's Human Resources Department is hoping more people do what Jones did.

Check out the dozens of posted jobs online.

There's everything from lifeguards and camp counselors in the parks department to attorneys and paralegals in the public defender's office available.

The City-County needs not only police officers and bailiffs, but also grant writers and maintenance operations technicians to help patch potholes for the department of public works.

The open jobs run the gamut.

You must be a Marion County resident to work for the Indianapolis City-County government.

When checking out the jobs, keep in mind the range of skills vary from high school diploma to masters and law degrees.

Sarah Kobzeff is the Deputy Director of Human Resources.

"We are definitely open," she tells RTV6, "We are definitely looking. Anyone who meets the qualifications and has a passion for the city, we'd be excited to bring on board."

Kobzeff points out government work comes with perks, including specialized retirement contributions or PERF.

Other perks include ample time off.

Kobzeff says the City-County offers 13 to 15 holidays off. Starting employees can enjoy 22 accrual days in their first year.

The HR department also says full-time positions start well above the minimum wage at $13.00 per hour and go up from there.

For new hires Kirchner and Jones, the switch was worth it.

Jones says, "I wouldn't necessarily call it a job. I would call it a career."

For more information on jobs, salary and benefits visit: Indy.Gov/Jobs

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