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Indy DPW now offering sign-on, referral bonuses for employees

Posted at 2:42 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 14:42:06-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says it's seeing a higher number of vacancies for positions throughout the department.

In an effort to recruit workers, DPW created a referral bonus and sign-on bonus program.

1. The Sign-On Bonus Program will provide up to $2,000 to newly hired AFSCME union employees.
2. The Referral Bonus Program will provide a bonus to current Indy DPW employees who refer candidates hired for open AFSCME union positions. The referring employee may be eligible to receive $1,000.

"DPW, like most employers is not immune to the current issues with recruitment and retention of employees. Obviously, when we have less employees, that lessens our ability to perform good city services," Indy DPW Deputy Director Abbey Brands said.

Across all of DPW, there are about 100 jobs that need filled. Open positions include solid waste drivers, street sweeper operators and maintenance technicians for large vehicles, such as snow trucks. DPW says labor positions within the department require union membership.

Brands says the city has several openings in the solid waste department and needs employees throughout multiple departments who have CDL licenses.

The sign-on bonuses are for union employees only, but referral bonuses are not. Employees who qualify for the sign-on bonus will receive $1,000 after the first 90 days, which is also the time frame for the probationary period. The second $1,000 will be given after the employees completes another 90 days.

To see a full list of open positions and learn more about DPW, click here.

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