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Small business owner opens 2 skincare businesses during pandemic

Posted at 7:18 AM, Oct 19, 2020

DANVILLE — The coronavirus crisis has caused many businesses to close their doors permanently. Kayla Trammel is a registered nurse by trade, but her passion is skincare. Despite the beauty industry struggling through the pandemic Trammel has managed to thrive through the pandemic.

"I had a vision and I told my husband I wanted to run with it," Trammel said.

It just so happened that as her dream was picking up steam the coronavirus crisis was also gaining momentum.

“February, signed a lease. In March, we got shut down. Once we finally got the go ahead from Gov. Holcomb to operate again, business has exploded,” Trammel said.

She's hiring Hoosiers in the process. She started in Zionsville and just last week opened another Radiant Skin location in Danville.

"We opened a second location. I went from in January being a one-woman show to nine of us now,” Trammel said.

She said the fact that people have to wear masks and the frequent zoom calls has kept business booming.

“A lot of people say they look at themselves on zoom calls and they notice i need to get that taken care of or they'll have a mask and start noticing from the eyes up coming in for Botox and stuff like that,” Trammel said.

When she wasn't allowed to do in-person visits she provided at home kits and that helped, but she attributes much of her success to loyal customers who have been really patient during this pandemic.

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