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Work behind the scenes and help create some holiday magic at Newfields

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 31, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS — Newfields is looking to hire 60 to 80 seasonal workers to help make their Winterlights exhibit a success again this year.

Work is underway right now to transform the grounds and acres into a winter wonderland.

Being the first person to see everything that goes up is Security Rover Dru Roach's favorite part of the job.

"Because a part of the magic of this place is that there's so much that no one gets to see," says Roach.

Roach started working as a seasonal employee at Newfields, being a gallery guide.

An opening in the security department led to a new opportunity for full-time employment.

"And you know when you hear security, you get a certain idea of what it is, like oh, you are going to be tackling people, or you are going to be telling them no or stuff like that," says Roach. "We are more like customer-oriented."

Working at Newfields, as a seasonal hire is all about hospitality. Laura McGrew is the senior director of customer experience and HR, and she tells me while a customer service background is ideal for a candidate for this position, they really just want folks who are excited to help guests in this experience.

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McGrew says they hire for several seasonal positions like parking attendants, retail, security, way finders, custodial work, and more.

She also says a lot of the senior management within Newfields volunteers to help with Winterlights so for part-time, seasonal hires, it is a great place to shake hands with people and learn about different departments within the organization.

"It's a great way to get their foot in the door and meet some of the management and staff in all the different areas because a lot of our staff participates in Winterlights and so it can actually be a career starter for people."

Roach recommends trying a seasonal position if you have an interest in a full-time gig.

"My favorite thing [about Newfields] as a matter of fact is you never know who you are talking to, so many different opportunities like doors and windows can open for you," says Roach.

Indianapolis native Ariene Mambo spent a lot of time at Newfields as a guest with her family, but now she is a seasonal employee.

"I always come here with my family, and I thought you had to have a degree and know a lot about art to work here, but then once I got hired," says Mambo. "They just need people who are happy to give people a good time when they come here with their families."

This winter, she will be working at Winterlights serving drinks to guests in the tents.

Last year Mambo was finishing up her degree. She also does a lot of volunteer work. So the evening work schedule with Winterlights fits her lifestyle.

Most seasonal positions are outdoor and are open during the peak seasons throughout the year.

These positions pay a flat rate of $10 an hour, plus a drink and a warm meal during the holidays.

Seasonal employees typically work 15 to 20 hours a week.

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