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Hispanic Heritage Month: Helping skilled workers find jobs

revolt staffing
Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-03 22:44:48-04

CARMEL— Revolt Staffing is housed in a small office in Carmel, but they're operation is much bigger.

"We are a staffing company that focuses on construction placements, construction workforce," said Antonio Martinez, one of the founders.

Martinez and Corina Romo say they saw a need in the community.

"Some of these people they have the skills, they have the knowledge, but they don't really know how to approach these companies. We want to be a bridge in between these companies and these individuals who have the right skills," said Romo.

"There's a huge pool out there of employees or skilled laborers that have the knowledge from back in their country. They were doing asphalt, concrete, any kind of skill, and when they move into this country they want to move into the careers, the jobs they've been in so long," said Martinez.

Genaro Deanda is in the office getting ready for his new job.

"I's incredibly awesome because I've had spells before where I went with out being able to find a job for a while," said Deanda.

Deanda says having a resource like Revolt Staffing is invaluable.

"It's something special for me because my parents don't speak English, so I've always had to be a form of translator for my parents whenever they needed something to be done. To be able to have someone that speaks my language, my native language, to be able to help those that don't have a voice is pretty special," said Deanda.

Martinez and Romo both moved to Indiana from Mexico. They both say they learned the Hoosier state is behind when it comes to Hispanic entrepreneurs.

"To be part of this small group of Hispanic owners it's a privileged. We feel obligated to succeed, to make sure we represent our community the right way. We have a huge responsibility with our community. We're grateful we're able to provide for Hispanic families by providing a job, a long lasting job," said Martinez.