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Home Depot says shipment padded in shredded checks and bank statements was packed by a 'third party'

Posted at 3:51 PM, Nov 06, 2014

Home Depot says a "third party" was responsible for packing a shipment to a Fort Collins, Colorado, woman and using shredded checks and bank statements as padding.

Susan Graham loves to solve puzzles, so after she ordered a package online from Home Depot, the sliced up papers were an unexpected surprise. With just a few moments of puzzle work, she assembled a partially-complete check.

"You can tell the bank, most of the account number. It's just adding up quickly," she said. "I started thinking, 'Well, what if these were my checks?' I thought it would be good if somebody checked this out."

On Wednesday, RTV6 sister station 7NEWS asked Home Depot about the packing material, and spokeswoman Meghan Basinger responded that the company does not use that kind of packing material. She also said that vendors are held to strict standards too.

Original report: Home Depot order comes in box of cut-up checks

On Thursday, Basinger elaborated further, confirming the package was shipped by another company.

"We confirmed that the order was not shipped by Home Depot, but was packed and shipped by a third party on Weber’s behalf," she wrote. Graham had ordered a Weber chimney fire starter from Home Depot.

Reporter Jaclyn Allen wrote back to ask for more, inquiring what third party had packed the box.

"I can't disclose the third party but we'll be following up to get a better understanding of what might have happened in order to avoid this sort of thing in the future," Basinger responded.