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Hoosier women come out for Trump

Posted at 6:24 PM, Nov 09, 2016

Although many predicted Donald Trump’s controversial comments about women would turn them off at the polls, that largely proved not to be the case.

According to exit polls, 53 percent of Indiana females voted for Trump; 60 percent of white women in Indiana voted for Trump.

RTV6 spoke with several female Hoosier voters today to find out what issues resonated with them that made them want to vote for Trump.

Lyn Wuethrich, of Lawrence Township, said she voted for Ted Cruz in the primary and straight Republican ticket on Election Day.

“I just feel the Republican policies are what is best for me and my family,” said Wuethrich. “Even though I didn’t like some of his words and actions, I felt like we all have issues with that.”

Wuethrich said as a mother and grandmother, she worries about homeland security and the economy.

“My husband and I grew up from nothing and have worked hard,” said Wuethrich. “I feel like government too many times is in our way with regulations and different things.  I definitely feel like he’s got more of a vision for the economy.”

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Susan Blair of Pike Township said she voted on the issues when she voted for all Republican candidates.

“Our state has fared very well under our Republican leadership, and I wanted to continue that momentum,” said Blair. “Illegal immigration is a big issue with me; the economy is as well. I believe education is very important.”

Blair said she feels Trump will help discourage companies from moving jobs overseas.

“I feel Trump would negotiate those deals back and reduce taxes and bring our jobs back to this country, which we desperately need,” said Blair.

Eight percent of black women in Indiana voted for Trump, according to exit polls.