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LIVE BLOG: Richmond Hill Trial Day 10

Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 17:17:21-05

Richmond Hill Trial of Bob Leonard, Day 10

9:30 a.m. -- Ross Ott, fire origin/cause investigator and mechanical engineer at Fire Findings LLC, called as a witness by the prosecution.

  • Ott says his company was contracted to investigate the explosion at 8349 Fieldfare Way. Ott: "We were looking for anything in particular."
  • Ott says he took concrete core samples at 8349 Fieldfare Way as well.

10:10 a.m. – Craig Balliet, chemistry laboratory manager at Barker & Herbert Laboratories, called as a witness by the prosecution.

  • Balliet says his lab received concrete core samples from Shand Forensics and from Fire Findings LLC taken from 8349 Fieldfare Way.
  • Balliet asked to give overview of chemical processes used to determine if ignitable liquid is contained in a fire debris sample, such as a concrete core sample.
  • Balliet says both companies asked for the samples to be examined for ignitable liquid residue.
  • Balliet says gasoline residue found in Shand Forensics Sample 10.
  • Balliet says a heavy petroleum distillate was found in Shand Forensics Sample 35. Balliet: "That would be something like kerosene or diesel fuel." Could also be from concrete floor finishing.
  • Balliet says styrene (component of Styrofoam) was found in Sample 36, but that's common.
  • Item 37: No ignitable liquid residue.
  • Item 38: Heavy petroleum distillate residue.
  • Item 39: Gasoline residue, styrene and turpene (component of turpentine). Balliet says turpene is found in coniferous wood, and can leak out when wood is heated to a high degree.
  • Item 40: Gasoline residue and styrene.
  • Item 41: Styrene residue.
  • Item 52: Heavy petroleum distillate residue.
  • Item 53: Heavy petroleum distillate residue.
  • Fire Findings Item 1: Heavy petroleum distillate.
  • Item 2: Heavy petroleum distillate.
  • Item 3: Heavy petroleum distillate.
  • Item 4: Heavy petroleum distillate.
  • Item 5: Negative.
  • Item 6: Gasoline residue (taken from southeast corner of living room).
  • Item 7: Negative.
  • Balliet says he "has no idea when the gasoline got there, or how it got there," but can only identify its presence.
  • Balliet says there was considerably more gasoline residue in Shand Sample 10 than in other samples.
  • Defense attorney Mark Inman: "There's only one set of samples that match, but you don't know the date, you don't know the amount?" Balliet: "That's correct. I don't know."

11:15 a.m. – Steve Shand, owner of Shand Forensic Investigations

  • Shand says he investigates 6-8 explosions a year, in addition to numerous fires. Most are much smaller than the Richmond Hill Explosion. Shand: "I've worked two or three large explosions, but this by all counts was by far the largest."
  • Shand was hired by State Farm to investigate the explosion. Eventually assigned to just represent home at 8349 Fieldfare Way.
  • Shand: "As you started 3-4 blocks away, you could see debris lying around. As you got closer, the magnitude was incredible. It almost looked like a tornado hit, to me. It was unbelievable to see for the first time."
  • Shand says he suggested a fence be put up around the area closest to the blast. Shand: "This whole area is an evidentiary nightmare, so we wanted only one person to have the key."
  • Shand says security at the scene was tight, with police there 24/7. Shand: "You couldn’t cast a shadow on this place without somebody questioning you. You had to have a right to be there."
  • Shand says every item bigger than a half inch was picked through piece by piece.
  • Shand, on finding gasoline burn patterns: "Once I clean this carpet, and get all the ash and soot off it, I basically have a roadmap of everywhere gasoline was poured.
  • Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson: "When you see these burn patterns, you know natural gas is not the end of it. You know something else is a player." Shand: "Absolutely. We had a living room that had liquid accelerant poured over the carpet in an irregular pattern."
  • Gasoline burn patterns found in living room and kitchen. Shand: "What we have here is two separate and distinct areas of fire origin."
  • Defense attorney Mark Inman: "When did you generate your origin and cause report?" Shand says he didn't complete one, as he hasn't yet seen all the evidence in the case.
  • Inman: "You never delved into the ignition source? You never delved into the flow of natural gas?" Shand: "No. We weren't privy to that."
  • Inman: "Have you seen Jamie Novak's video? He evidently has this bootleg, underground video of a microwave blowing up with a cylinder in it." Shand says he hasn't seen the video.

2:56 p.m. – Dr. David Sheppard, ATF Fire Research Laboratory, called as witness by prosecution.

  • Sheppard says he's been teaching computer modeling techniques since 1993.
  • Sheppard was called to respond to the initial Richmond Hill Explosion scene, and was then contacted later to build a model of the home's gas system and figure out how long it would potentially take for the excess gas that passed through the meter to enter the home.
  • Jurors see video of Sheppard's computer modeling after an explanation of how he set it up.
  • Sheppard says he ran calculations at 13 different flow rates. He came up with an absolute minimum of 3 hours for the gas to flow into the house and reach 5% concentration at the suspected ignition sources.
  • Sheppard says he never reviewed the report made by Mike Sullivan of Citizens Energy Group. He said Sullivan reviewed his report.
  • Sheppard says his model couldn't account for all possible leakage in the home.


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