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10-year-old Richmond powerlifter breaking state, national records

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Posted at 8:45 PM, Jun 23, 2021

BARGERSVILLE — A 10-year-old from Richmond is making a name for herself in the sport of powerlifting, both in Indiana and nationally.

Claire Mainous set a new American record in Daytona Beach, Florida when she squatted 177.5lb (80.5 kg) at the USA Powerlifting Nationals competition on June 15.

"I was like 'you can do it' but also I was like 'oh, this is a lot of weight.'" Mainous said. "It felt good, I was like 'oh wow, I actually got it.'"

"I had to get her focused and she was dialed in and ready to go. I just stood back, cheered her on, gave her a couple cues and she went out and did all the work," Coach Jeremy Hartman said.

Claire Mainous record

Mainous and her family travel from Richmond to Bargersville to train with Hartman, in addition to doing training at home. She's been a part of the sport for over a year.

"When school was out because of the coronavirus, my dad was like 'hey, do you want to come lift weights with me?' I said sure and started to do it, and I just kept on doing it every day and kept on getting better," Mainous said.

Hartman says he focuses on reps, technique and making it fun for Mainous.

"We have some younger kids that come in and train, they're more training for athletics ... but to have a serious competitor come in and really do well with what she's doing and really having that commitment, that desire, they drive an hour and a half one way just to come up here and train, I think that speaks very highly of how dedicated they are and dad wanting the best for their daughter," Hartman said.

Mainous says the sport is fun and drives her to do her best at the same time.

"[When I lift] I'm like 'you got it, you can get it, you can get it," Mainous said.

Mainous' next goal is to break the national squat record in the 43 kilogram weight class, and to do her best.