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150-year-old church somehow loses address

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 27, 2016

A church that will celebrate its 150th anniversary alter this year is locked in a dispute about its address.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Somehow, a new condo development was assigned the church's address – and the church wants it back.

All the mail that comes to the Allen Chapel AME Church is addressed to 629 E. 11th Street. But now that same address is assigned to the Park 10 condominiums being developed by Milhaus Construction.

"What they need to do is either change their address across the street, or they should compensate us so we can go to the city and say this has been resolved," Rev. Charlesfontaine Macon said. "We are willing to accept another address, but someone to just take an address and not compensate us or give it back, we find that to be unfair."


The church has nearly 250 members. It's located in the Chatham Arch Historic District.

"The vast majority of neighbors feel that Allen Chapel is being wronged," said neighbor Sally Spiers. "That was their address, and by accident it was given to Milhaus. Even though it belonged to you for 80 years, it belongs to us now, so go away."

The Department of Code Enforcement said Wednesday it was investigating the address decision in question, which was made in 2014.

A Milhaus spokesman told RTV6 the company is "fully supportive" of the church and will do whatever it can to help it out.