7 things you'll only find in Fountain Square

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 22:44:01-04

INDIANAPOLIS – Resting just a mile-and-a-half from downtown Indy lies Fountain Square – the first commercial historic district in Indiana and the city’s newest trendy neighborhood.

In the area mostly covered by Virginia Avenue, Shelby and Prospect streets you’ll find typical places that make a community whole, like restaurants, nightclubs and shopping. But there will be some instances where you’ll get a feel for Fountain Square’s charm.

Here are some of the places and finds that make Fountain Square…well Fountain Square.

Your boutique hotel awaits you
If you’re looking for a weekend getaway close to home, you’ll want to consider checking out Fountain Square’s boutique hotel found inside the theatre building – Fountainview Inn. Didn’t know they had one? A lot of people don’t know about this hidden gem that features private baths, kitchenettes and lounge areas.
You can book one of the 11 themed guest rooms on the third floor starting at $175 per night.

Fountainview Inn | 1105 Prospect Street |

Pick your guitar
Whether you’re a music fan or not, you’ll certainly be wowed by the guitar collection at Arthur’s Music Store. Take a private music lesson, jam out on a vintage guitar or learn the history behind a rare instrument at this family-owned business. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, this second-generation store carries several styles and colors of guitars along with banjos, drums, do-it-yourself repair kits and more.

Arthur’s Music Store | 931 Shelby Street |

Step into the 1930s
Sharpen your bowling skills and see how many strikes you can land during a 1930s game of duckpin bowling. If you’re expecting the traditional game, you’ll be surprised to find the bowling ball fits the size of your palm and the pins are just as small.
The alley originally opened in 1928 as Fountain Square Recreation on the fourth floor of the Fountain Square Theatre Building. It closed in 1957 and was restored in 1993 into the alley you see today.

Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling | 1105 Prospect Street |

Coffee and a cat
If petting a cat and sipping on your favorite coffee or tea fits your wildest dreams – you’ll fall in love with the city’s first cat café – Nine Lives. You can support small businesses by purchasing ethnically-sources beverages and sweets in the cat-free café, then give adoptable cats the love they deserve.
You’ll meet some of the sassiest, laziest, most fluffy cats during your visit, and the best part is – you have the option of giving them a loving home.

Nine Lives Cat Café | 1315 Shelby Street |

A wonderland of curious finds
Wander down the back alley on Virginia Avenue and you’ll most likely stumble upon a treasure once you’ve discovered a hidden warehouse of vintage art and goods in Fountain Square. FLUX, tucked away from street view, sells mid-century modern furniture, decorative lighting and one-of-a-kind art pieces. From desks, to coffee tables to bedroom sets – FLUX has everything to add décor to your life. However, you may want to check out their Facebook page before you head down as their warehouse hours vary.

FLUX | 862 Virginia Avenue |

Got good bones?
If you happen to see a camera crew nearby during your visit to Fountain Square, chances are you just made TV. “Good Bones,” a home flipping HGTV show that renovates small two-story homes in the historic Bates-Hendricks neighborhood (just west of Fountain Square), is filmed right in the area. Mother-daughter team Karen and Mina turn vacant eyesores into cottage charmers with coastal vibes.

“Good Bones” |

A true view of the city
An extensive day exploring Fountain Square calls for relaxation with a stunning view. The Rooftop Garden Cocktail Lounge gives you a view of the downtown skyline while you enjoy wine, local craft beer and cocktails. Sure, rooftop restaurants aren’t unique to Fountain Square – but it is one of the only ones in the area.
Appetizers, snacks and desserts are also available such as New York Style Cheesecake, jumbo shrimp cocktail and house made waffle chips.

Rooftop Garden Cocktail Lounge | 1105 Prospect Street |

Also...Expect an eclectic group of independent artists, free spirits expressing themselves through colorful apparel, and collaborators of all kind.