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170-year auto legacy comes to an end; "Sisters of Savings" talk selling the family business

Courtney and Monica were sixth generation owners
Posted at 10:58 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-05 01:10:07-05

NOBLESVILLE -- Whether you like them or not, you’ve probably heard the “Sisters of Savings” ads on the radio. 

The women behind the voices, sisters Courtney Cole and Monica Peck, were actually the owners of Hare Chevrolet in Noblesville. But this week the sisters ended the family's 170-year legacy when last week they sold the business to Asbury Automotive Group. 

The sisters bought the business from their father. 

“Courtney and I are the sixth generations of the business so in our lifetime we saw our grandfather run it and then our father was a dealer for a number of years,” said Monica.

The sisters said they've had a few offers over the years but when a business has been in your family that long selling isn't something you think about. 

Until it is - and that moment came after Courtney was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer.

“I actually have stage 4 now, but I still feel good about things. I got a pill that I take every day that does some phenomenal things and you just, you’re not as able to do anything, and I started relying heavily on Monica,” said Courtney.

The sisters say the new owners plan to keep the name, the workers and pretty much everything the same.

And those radio ads?

The sisters say they plan to keep doing them for the company for at least the next five years.

Watch the video above for the sisters' story