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Indianapolis Indians legend Razor Shines shares how he met his wife

Posted at 6:18 PM, Feb 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-14 18:18:49-05

INDIANAPOLIS-- Razor Shines dazzled all over the ballpark for the Indianapolis Indians.

He spent nearly a decade with the team starting in 1984, with his last season in 1993.

“I was a first baseman, catcher, third baseman, played all over the place, just loved to play,” Shines told WRTV on Tuesday.

The Indianapolis Indians said Shines won team MVP in 1984. The Organization said Shines was part of five championship teams with Indy (1984, 1986-89) in the Triple-A American Association and ranks among our all-time leaders in home runs.

razor shines.jpg

“It was one big family and we won,” Shines added.

In the summer of 1984, in Shines first year with the Indians, he said he was playing in a game in Wichita, Kansas when he went to go chase a foul ball.

“I went over to the rail to get the foul ball and I knocked the soda in the gentleman’s lap,” Shines said.

Shines said he felt so bad, that in between innings he gave the man a signed baseball.

“After the game he waited around to thank me and he was with his two daughters. It was family day at the ballpark,” Shines added.

much younger Razor and wife.jpeg

One of the daughters was named Leann, so after the game they all went to dinner.

“I sat next to her, and we talked baseball because she was a softball player for the entire night,” Shines said.

Let’s just say, Shines didn’t strike out on this love story. The two, Leann and Razor, were a perfect match and Razor became pretty good friends her father.

wife and father-in-law.jpeg
Razor was good friends with his wife's father who are both pictured here.

“Most of the times when I called to say what’s up or hello his daughter would pick up the phone and we would talk for an hour before we even got to him,” Shines added.

You can say the rest is history and now Leann and Razor have been married for more than 35 years.

“There was some worked needed," Shines said. "It wasn’t love at first sight.”

The pair now have two kids and a couple of grandkids.

kids and grandkids.jpg
Razor and his wife's son, daughter and two grandchildren attend a game.
Razor doing what he does best.jpeg
Razor doing what he does best and teaching his granddaughter the game.

“To be able to Find someone that was with you by your side for that long and cars about you so much – it makes one believe that love at first sight does happen,” Shines concluded.