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Abandoned puppies found in Indy now healthy

Abandoned puppies found in Indy now healthy
Posted at 12:06 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 12:06:37-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two puppies found abandoned on Indy’s east side in with serious skin infections are getting a new "leash" on life.

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Honey and Grace, now named Frida, were sent to Save-A-Bull Rescue in Minneapolis after being found in Indianapolis in August 2015.

Rescue groups have called it one of the worst mite infestations they’ve ever seen.

“We take a lot of dogs from out of state specifically because we work with bully breeds and we pay for the medical care they need,” said Ian Noire, a spokesperson for Save-A-Bull Rescue. “We work very closely with another rescue from Indiana (Every Dog Counts) who we often get high medical need dogs from. Most animal control and humane society places cannot afford to cover the high cost of medical issues and if the dog is a pit bull it will most likely be put to sleep if a rescue does not take it in.”

Both dogs have finally been adopted and are in loving homes, according to the rescue group.

“It took 3 months to treat the severe mange that both dogs had,” said Noire.

The Minneapolis news media did stories on the puppies’ plight, and Noire said that helped get them new homes.

“Both dogs are doing great,” said Noire. “They look wonderful and I have heard nothing but amazing things about them from the current owners. Frida was adopted around Dec 15, 2015 and Honey was adopted a few weeks later.”

The dogs' transformed from being completely hairless puppies covered in sores and not being able to walk, to growing fur and becoming happy.

Every Dog Counts paid for Frida’s treatment in Indianapolis.           

Anyone with information about who may have abandoned the dogs can call Indianapolis Animal Care and Control at (317) 327-1397.


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