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AES Indiana improving electric infrastructure during heat wave

Utility is currently building $1.2 billion modernization project
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Posted at 9:00 PM, Jun 18, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — The hot weather could mean a higher electricity bill due to the cost of cooling a home, but AES Indiana says its power lines can handle the heat.

AES Indiana is currently improving its electricity infrastructure through its seven-year, $1.2 billion Smart Grid project.

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The reconstruction started in 2020. When it is finished, AES Indiana will have replaced 400 miles of power lines, 36 million feet of underground cable, and all of its power meters.

"Modernizing the electric grid is really critical, especially for handling the extreme heat we're in right now," said Kelly Young of AES Indiana.

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Additionally, AES Indiana is replacing its emergency control room through a separate investment so crews can respond to outages more quickly. The new control center is estimated to open by this fall.

"We're committed to insuring that we can provide our customers with reliable power, especially during this high heat and weather conditions," Young said.

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While AES Indiana is responsible for the infrastructure, Carmel-based Midcontinent Independent System Operators manages the grid itself. MISO reports the grid has enough energy to handle the summer demand and monitors the usage on its website.

AES Indiana still recommends customers take tips to reduce their energy usage, such as keeping the air conditioning at a higher temperature, turning off lights, and closing curtains.

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