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Anderson company gives employees a second chance

Posted at 7:41 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 19:41:57-05

ANDERSON, Ind. -- A business owner in Anderson is providing his employees with more than a paycheck. 

The owner of CB Fabricating is helping his community one person at a time, with a business philosophy rooted in faith and second chances. 

One of Mary Ann Boone's favorite parts of her job is seeing the tangible results of her work. 

"I was able to come in at the beginning of a really big project we're doing here," she said. 

But, the journey to get where she is was not quick, or easy. 

"I was a pretty good kid growing up. Once I got out of high school, I went down the wrong path and I stayed on that path for quite a while," she said. 

Her path included three trips to prison and countless trips to jail, all related to substance abuse. 

"There was a point where I said I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I'm getting out of this," Boone said. 

But, she could not get a job with five felonies on her record. Until months later, when the phone rang. 

The man on the other line was Chris Barkdull. He spent some time in prison himself, visiting his brother, who made a few mistakes of his own. 

"The mindset's always been an inmate's there because they did something, they deserve it. But when you start hearing the stories, you realize they're all people too," Barkdull said. 

Barkdull realized he was in a position to do something. 

"It came to a point of softening my heart and realizing these people, if we don't start employing them and can't look past their mistakes, they're going to turn around and do it again," he said. 

Barkdull has 22 employees. Five are felons. Barkdull trains them. He mentors them. And he bases his business model on faith, and a sense of family. 

"I always try to tell them that remember the decision they make at the end of the day affects them not only throughout the rest of their life, but the next day it also affects this company," Barkdull said. 

Mary Ann Boone is not sure where she would be otherwise. 

"I feel like I am successful. I feel like this is a good story for my life." 

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