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Art or eyesore? Neighbors at odds over park

Posted at 11:30 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 23:30:16-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Is it art or an eyesore? That's the question surrounding a near eastside park unlike any other in the city. 

Kay Grimm, a 22-year resident of Willard Park, is proud of the art project she created with some of her neighbors. 

The art sits on a lot of land that sits along New York Street, a couple of miles from downtown. 

"It makes our neighborhood very unique. We have public art in full bloom," Grimm said. Public art created solely with items tossed into area alleys. 

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"A lot of baby dolls out there getting thrown away," Grimm said. 

Kay calls the park "The Land of Misfits," after Toy Story. But with baby dolls, tires, shoes in the trees, other people who live in the neighborhood call it something different. 

"It's commonly called "Witchdoctor Garden" in our neighborhood. It's a little scary," Greg Neff said. 

Neff has lived in Willard Park for six years. He says the park encourages dumping, is a poor representative of the neighborhood, and has to go. 

"I've actually threatened to take a bobcat and do it my damn self," he said. 

He says he would, if the property was not owned by the Riley Area Development Corporation. 

The nonprofit said they understand Neff's concerns and plan to work with Kay to make a more orderly art installation for the neighborhood, one that is not so controversial. 


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