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Art & Seek program adds art to Indy neighborhoods

More than 100 art pieces placed around city
Posted at 12:25 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 00:25:57-05

INDIANAPOLIS — In the City of Indianapolis art can easily be found downtown and in multiple art districts. But now the "Art & Seek" program from Keep Indianapolis beautiful is adding art to neighborhoods all across the city.

"The neighbors who actually live there are going to be driving past it every day. Walking past it every day. Stopping and interacting with it even more so than tourists," said Okara Imani.

Indy Art & Seek is a self-guided public art tour featuring more than 100 mini-installations, performances, literary pieces, and individual artworks along urban streets, as well as 6 large-scale installations greenspaces throughout Indianapolis. Vocalist and storyteller Okara Imani is the artist behind an interactive sculpture located in Riverside Park, the same area where she was born and raised.

Her original song "A Riverside Story" is meant to be can be played from a phone, telling art observers the story of life and culture in the riverside neighborhood.

"It becomes the soundtrack of hat moment. The primary sound piece that's throughout the entire song is actual sound from me sitting on a bench in Riverside Park."

The Art & Seek maps spans numerous neighborhoods, all of them selected on purpose. Imani says she's glad to see are come to life in areas that often seem forgotten.

"It is important I think, for black and brown communities to be able to enjoy beautiful things that they didn't have to make themselves," said Imani.

You can learn more about Art & Seek here: