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Artist uses his painting to fight Parkinson's disease

Posted at 11:58 PM, Mar 16, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- A retired art teacher is using his passion for painting to fight his battle with Parkinson's disease.

“There’s just a lot of thoughts flowing through my brain, and if I don’t grab hold of them that thought could be gone,” said artist Wendell Lowe

Lowe was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer in 2009, but he said his art and his family’s support helped him get through that troubling time.

“Took a break from teaching. Kinda crawled down a hole and took me a while to get back out,” said Lowe.

Lowe said his art used to look much different than it does now, but its effect is still the same.

“I taught art for 10 years, and I was able to see the difference art can make, just the calming effect of art,” said Lowe. “Before you know it, I’m not thinking about Parkinson’s.”

He said his work puts a face to the demons he’s facing inside – the ones behind his shakes and tremors.

And he hopes his art not only helps him fight the disease but hopefully, it can help others know they’re not alone in their struggle.

“That’s my new philosophy,” said Lowe. “Just enjoy the process and see what comes out.”

Watch the video above to hear more of Wendell Lowe’s inspiring story about how his art gives him control while he fights Parkinson’s disease.