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'Baby bump' speeds up Franklin mom's delivery

Posted at 11:49 PM, Mar 18, 2016

A Franklin mom is thankful to two paramedics for their part in her amazing delivery story.

Tosha Gambrel was just three days from her due date when she woke up in active labor. She told her husband Mike to call 911 – but even then, she almost knew she wouldn't be delivering at the hospital.

"He said, do you want to try to get to the car, or do you want me to call 911?" Gambrel said. "And I said, I don't think I can make it to the car. I think you need to call 911."

Within five minutes, paramedics showed up and into the ambulance Gambrel went. Her husband and their 4-year-old followed in the family car.

"I was very worried I wouldn't make it to the hospital," Gambrel said. "We had blown a couple of red lights. I could see out the back of the ambulance."

Just feet from the hospital entrance, the ambulance went over a speed bump – and the Gambrel's daughter, Riley, was born.


"They've since nicknamed it the baby bump," Gambrel said.

Gambrel said her only regret is that Mike didn't get to witness Riley's birth.

"I must have apologized to him 10 times that day about how I was sorry that he missed it, because that is something very special," she said.

But, the Gambrels admit, Riley's birth story is pretty special too.

"It's a unique experience, and a great story for Riley when she gets older," Gambrel said.


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