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Man accused of killing 2 teens faces new charges

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 25, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- The bail bondsman accused of brutally murdering two teens on Christmas Eve is facing new charges after allegedly handcuffing someone he thought broke into his home and telling him there would "be a bloodbath."

Kevin Watkins was charged Monday with criminal confinement and impersonation of a public servant. 

According to probable cause documents, on December 20, 2015, Watkins approached someone identified as XT at an apartment building in the 2100 block of North Arlington Avenue 

The court documents say Watkins showed XT a badge, said he was a "Fed," then handcuffed XT.

Watkins told XT that his house had been broken into and some guns were missing. XT told Watkins he had nothing to do with the break in. 

XT's mom said she called police but told them to "never mind" because she saw Watkins wearing a badge so she thought that he was legitimate. 

Watkins allegedly said to XT's mom, "I can't live with it on my heart that I killed somebody's kids." 

Watkins then told XT's mom that he is a bounty hunter and sneaks around for a living. 

A few days later, XT told police that Watkins had stopped by and apologized for what he did, but that he was trying to find out who broke into his house.

Watkins allegedly told XT there "would be a bloodbath at Christmas," and that "when they all duct taped and screaming for their mamas, they ain't going to be saying nothing."

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Just a few days later, on Christmas morning, Amber Partlow began to worry when her son hadn't returned home. She started searching her neighborhood and saw a large amount of blood on the front step when she arrived at Watkins'  home, as well as in the grass and on the leaves in the yard. 

Police executed a search warrant and found even more items covered in blood: a plastic rake with "a large amount of what appeared to be blood in it;" and a yellow dash light along with a large wad of gray duct tape.

Police also found "pieces of what appeared to be brain matter" just off of the sidewalk in front of Watkins' house.

Based on their findings, police arrested Watkins on charges of murder for the deaths of Satori Dionne Williams, 16, and 15-year-old Timmee Jackson. 

Their bodies have yet to be found. 

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