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Ball State University launches Off-Campus Housing Quality Initiative

Ball State apartment
Posted at 8:04 PM, Aug 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-13 23:16:34-04

MUNCIE — Helping students find safe, livable off-campus housing is the goal for Ball State University.

When the fall semester begins next week, so will it's new Off-Campus Quality Housing Initiative.

Several Ball State University students have had concerns about finding reliable off-campus housing.

Senior Brenden Resnick has lived on campus all four years.

“I’ve heard so many horror stories of students living off-campus and their bathrooms don’t work or maintenance never comes. A recommendation from a lot of students was if you are able to, stay on campus. I was too scared to look anywhere else really,” Resnick said.

Last Fall, the university cut ties with a former off-campus property management group following complaints from residents about poor living conditions and unanswered maintenance requests.

T.J. Brecciaroli, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, says staff spent more than a year putting together an off-campus housing initiative website to provide a list of options that reaches the university's standards.

"We have a lot of positive partners across Muncie who are doing right by our students and who want to see our students succeed," Brecciaroli said.

There are requirements that must be met by landlords and property management companies in order to be listed on the university's website, such as complying with health and housing codes, responding to tenants with housing issues within 24-hours and more.

"This is going to be a big help for students. Where you live is really important for how well you are going to do in school. Having this now is going to make it so much safer to live off-campus, so just find the right place for you and go live with some people you love too," Resnick said.

Ball State also encourages students to use its legal services and resources.

"One of the outcomes I hope with the launch of the Off-Campus Quality Living website is highlighting services and availability to get proactive support to students. So they can get more educated, whether it's signing a lease, etc. and understand the business practices of adulating and renting off-campus," Brecciaroli said.

Off-campus housing landlords and property management companies have until September 15 to register with the university.

For more information on the Off-Campus Quality Housing Initiative, click here.