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'Be Like Bill' meme does not pose security risk

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 29, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- You've probably seen it on Facebook.  

There's a good chance you've tried to 'Be Like Bill,' but then you heard Bill is bad.

Several stories and rumors circulating this week said if you answer Bill's questions, you'll get a virus that steals your information or hackers will gain access to your computer., the site that debunks urban legends and rumors, says it's not true.

Snopes says some people became suspicious of Bill as he started popping up all over Facebook News Feeds.

Then, there were the rumors about the meme being 'clickbait.'

The Better Business Bureau also reportedly warned about apps like 'Be Like Bill.'

Turns out, the BBB didn't suggest the meme posed any specific threat and the organization is only keeping an eye out for impostors.

Snopes says there have been no widespread reports of bad things happening because of the meme.

The FBI has some advice about how to protect your computerif you're still worried about viruses and hackers.

The best advice is, if you aren't convinced that Bill isn't bad, then don't get involved in his game.

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