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RTV6 picks for best coffee in Indy

Posted at 9:54 AM, Sep 29, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tuesday is National Coffee Day, and what better way to celebrate than grab a fresh cup from some of the best local roasters in town. 

We asked around the RTV6 staff where the finest brew could be found in the Circle City, and here's what we came up with:

For a map of all locations, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Calvin Fletcher's - Calvin Fletcher's received the most amount of attention from our staff at RTV6, and it's easy to see why. Sure, the coffee is great in all forms, but the shop itself is more than just a few baristas preparing your morning beverage: Calvin Fletcher's profits go right back into various community organizations. You can feel good about what you drink, because of the taste and giving back.

Quill's - The Indianapolis canal location is still in its infancy, but well deserving of landing on this list. While Quill's has other locations in Indiana and Kentucky, this spot's knowledgeable staff and hospitality is uniquely Indianapolis. Our account executive Marcia York says she love, love, loves their Kentucky Cuban iced. That's 3X the love.

Hubbard & Cravens - Boasting a few central Indiana locations, H&C serves all the frothy, caffeinated drinks you're used to ordering, but with a local flair that makes it taste that much better. Dare you to find a better pumpkin latte.

Eggshell - This Carmel bistro may not scream coffee shop from the outside, but the French cafe ambiance mixed with the freshly-prepared food leads to a savoring of each sip. RTV6 anchor Jason Fechner says "The only thing better than a regular hot coffee there is the iced coffee (and if you know how many calories are in that bad boy, please keep it to yourself... I don't want to know)!"

Taste of Havana - This Broad Ripple eatery might be most recognizable for their Cuban sandwiches, but a shot of Cubano with every meal will keep you coming back for more. RTV6 producer Zach Pillsbury says he was "blown away" by the Cuban coffee.

Lino's Coffee - From RTV6 sports director Dave Furst: When you spend an entire month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you must know two things:
1) The weather forecast for that day (We've got that covered every day here)
2) Where you can get a good cup of coffee.
The latter goes to Lino’s Coffee on Main Street in Speedway. True, Italian coffee 2 minutes from the track.
In fact, it’s as close to Italy as it gets...outside of anyone named “Andretti.”

Bee Roasters - Named Indianapolis' best coffee roaster by our friends at Indianapolis Monthly, it would be remiss not to have this small, craft shop on this list. With a downtown location and another out by Eagle Creek, Bee calls their coffee "culinary."

Coffeehouse Five - On the southside? RTV6 traffic reporter Lauren Casey says this Greenwood cafe is your best bet. Similar to Calvin Fletcher's, this shop is a "for-benefit" spot, where all of the workers are volunteers and the profits go back into the community. Even further, the couple that started it all was going through marriage problems, so they offer free counseling as well as a number of other family services. It's more than just beans, it's about living a good life!

Darrin's Coffee Co. - On the other side of Indy, Zionsville's "hippest" coffee spot can be found here. It comes highly recommended form our local sales manager Aaron Crone. Darrin calls himself a coffee mad scientists, with their signature drink coming in the form of the Grasshopper.

Thirsty Scholar - Part-bar, part-snack shop, part coffeehouse, you can find this combo in the Historic Penn Arts building. Thirsty Scholar's cold brew has just the right nuttiness to get you a pick me up, no matter the time of day or season.

Monon Coffee Co. - Right off the Broad Ripple strip, Meteorologist Todd Klaassen recommends this spot. Not only do they serve up some high-quality coffee, you're likely to find some artists and live music to go with it.

Mo'Joe Coffeehouse - Nestled between luxury apartments just a block off the canal downtown, Mo'Joe is an unsuspecting shop, but embodies the true spirit of the coffeehouse. They bring a variety of unique mixed beverages, as well as solid daily brews to get you off and running each day.

Lulu's - Sweet pastries but even sweet caffeinated beverages, Lulu's caters to all kinds, with or without gluten, and serves up a smooth cup of coffee, no matter the style you prefer. It's just a hop from the Caslteton area, and perfect to grab a cup before your daily shopping.


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